Genuine friendship is not based on dependency or personal interests. No need to justify our actions, neither ask or give explanations…it is better not to think too much about friendship. Instead of that, behave as better as you believe.

Comprehension. Sincerity. Sharing. Confidence…fell free to ask whatever you need…

…a two-way road…

Appreciate the qualities in others…Make a good choice. Give and receive. No matter if we don’t receive in the same way we give, he who lives in abundance, no worries about this. Abundance is inside us.

Topics reject!

Among all the stories about friendship (Heidi, Lassie, A river runs through it, Forrest Gump, A touch of spice and many others) in which there is often more issues involved, I’ve chosen A perfect world (1993, directed by Clint Eastwood).

It is about a boy who has been kidnapped and strikes up a friendship with his captor (Kevin Costner).
Of course, Clint Eastwood stars as the marshal of Texas. Laura Dern deals with him in the mission of rescue. See the trailer below:

Looking for a song. Fortunately, there is not an english version available from Los Manolos’ famous song Friends for ever!!

The hoary old song Friends will be friends from Queen?


Let’s to the Björk’s video. It seems to be dedicated to her best friend, despite its lyric (like a codified message):

And here is a song by The Divine Comedy, My Imaginary friend (it is not their videoclip)

I would recommend the next link and, at the same time, the film based on Rudyard Kipling’s book and, at the same time, the book and, at the same time…

That’s all folks!