Friendship is what make us human beings. This is one of the first things we are taught indirectly at school. When we are children everyone become our friend the first time we meet them; it is not necessary for us to exchange any words.

Little by little we became more and more, let me think, growing up, and we start to keep narrower relationships with the people we feel more close to. That way of being selective in life is not just related with friendship: we decide what we want to be in life, how to behave, the languages we want to learn, the books we’d like to read and of course the person we want to share our life with.

However there is an irrational face behind it because nothing is so much simple as being capable of saying yes or no.  Some people have tried to solve that unconcious matter with psychology studies for the own individual features -and maybe sociology for the collective ones- but I haven’t had the opportunity of reading any word of them and sometimes the language they use is very especific, so I think it would be difficult for me.

Instead of that I prefer reading literature and watching films. Here you are some samples of friendship in different moments of life… everything is in English!

And this is the song (with a bit strange and cryptic lyrics):

Beware my only friend