I think that friendship is a superior category of relation between human beings. I mean, for example you can have a brother and he may be a very good friend of you, but also it can happen that two brothers were not real friends, in spite of the fact that perhaps they love each other very much and everyone wishes for the other all the best. It can happen also between persons without relationship, such as colleagues from work, or occasional fellows, neighbours, etc. You can have a very nice relation, for example, with colleagues at work, but perhaps they aren’t real friends of yours.

What should be desirable is to have a good friendship with people who are around one’s life. The people who are close to you; such as comrades who fight for the same objectives and ideals than yours, even your wife, your son, etc., should be your friends. But also it can happen that friendship doesn’t emerge from a close relation between two persons.

On the whole, people use to call friend to any circumstantial fellow, but the reality is that we can find even a couple of  lovers, or even a marriage who are not real friends.

From my point of view a couple of fellows become friends when they have shared part of their history in common, when both of them have suffered and enjoyed many common experiences, and these experiences have been had sometimes even in a conspiratorial way.

All this makes them to know very well each other, and to trust each other. A good fellow can become a real friend when he/she shares with you risks and secrets, when you have the same ideals and ambitions, when you understand each other and are able to forgive each other, and you both know how to listen each other, and you are ready to help each other when the other has a problem.

This way friendship can unite, for example, two young poets who lived in the same university college, the residencia de estudiantes from the Madrid of the twenties in the twentieth century, named Federico Garcia Lorca and Jorge Guillen. They had the same passion for the literature, the same political wills and they shared the same group of friends. They were real friends with the same risks, fight for the culture, and so. In those years they also were quite happy as we can see by the letter that Federico sent to Jorge

in February, 1927, where he draw that funny cock and was telling him all their projects.

This can be an example to see how a couple of fellows can become real friends, and a group of comrades can continue been good friends till their death.

We can find another, literary and metaphoric but nice, example of the beginning of friendship at the end of the film Casablanca, from Michael Curtis, and being actors Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains

The end

Jose Bosca, for first assignment, group English NA2, 12h Tu-Th, EOIVAL.