Nowadays, virtual and no-virtual relationships lives together. For example, tools like facebook, twitter and other social networks help us to keep in touch people who lives far away or you don´t have enough time to keep in contact. Although technology is a great help to find out old friends, school friends, etc.; it´s only a simple tool. A virtual coffee on the net doesn´t replace a good coffee with your friends in the bar on the corner.

Perhaps, showing off five hundred friends on facebook can show you´re a popular and outgoing person but do you think it is real? In fact, I think  we can consider only two or three close friends who can bottle up your feelings. By the way, your friends have a lot in common with you and they have important characteristics such as empathy, patience with your obsessions. So,  from my point of view, it´s better the quality than the quantity. Do you prefer a bottle of wine from a unknow origin or a cup of Rioja wine? I know it´s not a good example, but the important thing it´s take care your relationships and close friends. Even, nobody knows,  maybe a beautiful love relationship could to come up.

“Friendship is like wine, it gets better as it grows older”

Carmen F.