From my point of view, the concept of friendship changes with the age. At the beginning, when we’re little children and we think in our friends, we’re thinking in someone to play with and to have fun. Then, when we’re teenagers, we expect more from them; we look for loyalty, fidelity…someone you can trust to unburden yourself. But when we grow up, our minds change again, and we became more and more demanding of these we call friends.

We want someone honest, trustworthy and reliable, someone you can count on but asks nothing in return; but at the same time he/she has to be patient and a perky person (you have to enjoy with him/her).

In the other hand, nowadays we have friendship overload, we have friends from school, work, holidays… etc and we don’t have time to give back all of them the things we’re demanding, so at the end we have to make a selection of those who really deserve our time and efforts.

In conclusion, I believe that the best friend is the one that is attentive but not possessive, and doesn’t judge you.

Here we have two old friends…..

I’ve chosen this movie,  Stand By Me by Rob Reiner. It’s a 1986 American film that talks about four children friendship.

The story is located in a small town, CastleRock, in September of 1959. One of our four friends overheards from his old brother that one child was struck by a train, and his body is believed to be missed in the woods;so they decided to embark in a two day journey near the town to see if they can find the body.

During the adventure,the four friends find the time to unburden themselves about their personal problems, special situations and fears.

I like this film because it remembers me that a good friend is the one who believes in you,whatever happens.

Another film I like is called Peter’s Friends by Kenneth Branagh;It talks about some friends that haven’t being in touch for ten years because their lives had taken different ways. One of them decides to organize a party to meet them again.Some things have change but others not.





My friends are so depressed

I feel the question

of your loneliness

Confide…’cause I’ll be on your side

You know I will,you know I will

Ex-girlfriend called me up

alone asnd desperate

On the prison phone

They want…to give her seven years

for being sad

I love all of you

hurt by the cold

so hard and lonely too

when you don’t know yourself.

My friends are so distressed

and standing on

the brick of emptiness

no words..I know of to spress

this emptiness.

Imagine me tought by tragedy

relase is peace

I heard a little girl

and what she said

was something beautiful

to give …your love

no matter what.