The Giants Causeway it’s a pretty North Irish place, it’s near to Bushmills and Coleraine.

It’s a perfect area to enjoy with family or friends.

The landscape there it’s fabulous you can see the high cliffs, the deep blue sea, the green grasslands and of course the amazing  tall and hexagonal stones with an ancient legend about them.

You can be there walking and having a good pack lunch in a sunny day or enjoy seeing the choppy sea between the stones.

These curious stones are basalt columns that seems sculpted by men but  the science tells that they were formed when some lava flowed from a nearby volcano and settled on the shore of the sea. But local people have a legend to explain this phenomenon.

The legends says it was a  quarrel between two giants called Finn Mac Cool and Benandonner. Bennandoner had to built a causeway from Scotland to ireland to fight with Finn Mac Cool, and Finn was very afraid of Bennandoner so Finn pretended to be a baby, and the Finn’s wife helped him pretending to be the mother of the baby. When Bennandoner saw how big and strong was the baby was incredibly afraid about Finn, because if the son was like that how would be the father so Bennandoner ran back across the sea to Scotland broking the stones and forming the hexagonal stones.