A mill which turns air into water

By Ana Marco

In Sainte-Tule, Fance, Marc Parent has invented an air mill which is able to satisfy the planet needs that nowadays indian and american people wish to acquire. “This doessn’t solve all the world problems but at least, the water won’t be one of them” says the inventor.

He has invented an ecological system which turns air into drinkable water. Use the atmospheric water is an old dream which some researchers have been working without reach it yet. In his workshop this “inventor” 43 years old did research for 10 years to obtain an eolic prototype, currently running perfectly.

Air humidity condense, the mast works as a water stock and at the end of the circuit some particle filters turns it drinkable. Just open the tap to serve the water, the Australia horrible droughts are over, disease caused by stagnant waters are defeated, the kilometres under African unbearable sun to find water are finished.

“When I had the idea was to help everybody else” Marc Parent has had a simple idea which simple and tecnichly can revolutionitze the world. However, at the beginning people took me as a crazy man. I was well ahead of my time, it was difficult to persuade them. In 1997 he works in the French Antilles at the lobster hatcheries and he draws the first air to water mill drafts, since then the famous mill produces between 70 to 200 litres of water a day depends on it is located.

The next version,the 2010 version planned to produce 1000 litres a day. The higher the mill is the more water produce. With a 50 metres mast we can collect 25.000 litres daily.

Contacted by big companies, Marc Parent is waiting today answers of American and Indian insdustries to mass-produce his invention and go down in costs. “With my system, we can assure the vital minimum without wind and in isolated places”. A little portable model ¨(of 800 litres a day) with no assembly crane and it can be connect to a fotovoltaic panels, electric lines or a generator can make water withourt wind neither sun. His extraordinary mill “2 in 1! produces and also watts. When we have a dry wind during the day and wet at night we can use it to have water during the day and electricity at night. Incredible but true! Thanks to his inventions, an energetic evolution is coming. Water it isn’t anymore a limited product.

Here is the video-link.