This is the book I’ve chosen and read. It’s about Nelson Mandela, a man who fought for black people’s rights throughouthis live. There is a short summary of the book but I’ll tell you a longer one.

Nelson was born in 1918 in a small village of South Africa, here in Qunu. His real name is Rolihlahla which means “troublemaker” in the Xhosa language.

When he went to school, his teacher gave him the English name of Nelson.

Nelson left home when his uncle arranged his marriage with a girl.

He moved to Johannesburg where he started working as a guard of a gold mine.

Here, in Johannesburg, Nelson learnt a lot about the law, the history of Africa and the living conditions of black Africans in South Africa.

He was so interested in it, that he began to study law at University. When he became a lawyer, he opened the first African law office in Johannesburg.

In Johannesburg, Nelson realized the difference between the lives of black people and the lives of white people in South Africa:

*Black people had to live in the townships which were areas outside the city with no running water or electricity.

*They couldn’t vote or be elected.

*They had to carry a pass in order to travel, to get a job or to be out late at night.

*White workers earned five times more than black workers.

*Even in prison, there were differences between black and white people. Black people had to wear the prison uniform for African prisoners which was short trousers and a shirt.

*There was a political system called ‘apartheid’ which separated white and black people in all areas of live: schools, work, hospital, sports…As you can see in the glog even in the beach and toilets.

So, he began to go to meetings of the ANC. The African National Congress wanted to change South Africa and better living conditions for black people.

Mandela worked for the ANC on different non-violent campaigns like protests, stay-at-home and meetings. In the glog you can see three images of the ANC campaigns.

During these campaigns, the police started arresting people and Mandela was arrested too with others members of the ANC.

They wanted to use trials to explain their ideas and to continue their struggle against apartheid.

Mandela wanted the government to talk about the freedom Africans wanted, but government refused to listen to him.

For 50 years the ANC had been non-violent, but now Mandela believed that violence was necessary in order to change the government ideas.

The time of non-violence was over.

He was kept in Pretoria prison, Robben Island, Pollsmore prison and Victor Verster prison.

Robben Island is a small island which was used by the apartheid government and became known because of its famous prisoners, only black prisoners. You can see in the glog where Robben Island is.

There was more and more violence in South Africa.

Meanwhile, world opinion against apartheid was growing.

Mandela told when he was in prison, that he wanted a free and equal country, where all adults were able to vote for the government. If the government changed, the ANC would stop the use of violence.

In 1989 de Klerk became President, and he wanted to change the situation of South Africa.

After more than 20 years in prison , Mandela was released in 1990. You can see this historical moment in the glog.

There were two more important dates for South Africa:

The first one in 1993 when Nelson Mandela and President de Klerk were given the Nobel Peace Prize for their work for peace in South Africa. You can see the fhoto in the glog.

The second one in 1994 , There was the first election for all people in South Africa and Mandela became the President.

To finish, we can add another important date for South Africa, 2010 when the FIFA World Cup took place there.