The story begins in 1986 in Madras, a city of India. The main character is Dick; he works as a general manager in a multinational company. He is English and he lives in India with his family. His problems began when he discovered that Vish, the office manager of his company, took advantage of employees and of the company money. Dick quickly called Keith, the boss of the company in England, and he told him all that he knew. But his boss told Dick that he mustn’t get into that. In the following weeks, the situation with Vish and his wife Molly, who also worked at the company, every day it was more strained.

One day, Dick went to Delhi for a meeting with his boss, and Dick was forced to take an early retirement. After that, Dick and his family returned to Cambridge, in England, and there began Dick’s decadence. He was plenty of free time and he didn’t know what to do. Dick started to drink and he had problems with his sons and with his wife, and finally Dick was alone.

A long time later, Dick received a letter of Ramu, one employee of Madras. In this letter he was asking Dick for help because other people were also in Dick’s state. Dick decided to return to India for find out information about these early retirements. There he discovered that everybody who were against Vish and Molly were sack, and Keith, the boss of the company, didn’t do anything. Dick continued investigating in India and he met Lakshmi, the daughter of one sacked employee. He suddenly felt something for her. But she was younger than he, so he wasn’t brave enough to tell anything to her.

After days, Dick turned to England to continue his investigation, and finally he discovered why his boss permitted the corruption in his company. It was because Molly and Keith had a baby together when they were younger but he was married, and nobody knew this. Since then, Keith was being threatened by Vish and Molly because they could say the truth and ruined his marriage.

Finally at the moment of the Dick’s revenge, he didn’t say the truth to anybody because Lakshmi begged him silence for didn’t ruin life of not guilty people. So at the end the karma fixes everything and everyone had their punishment. The good guys had good lives and bad guys had bad ends.