“1984″ by George Orwell

His real name was Eric Blair. He wrote this novel in 1948 after the World War II. He was warning us about the possible dangers of power in the future. It shows us that there can be no freedom unless ideas and beliefs can be questioned.

The story happens in London.

There were three great powers in the world Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. The three countries were always in war but no one ever won.

Winston Smith was a man about forty years old, who lived and worked in Oceania.

Big Brother was the leader of the Party. The Party and the Thought Police controlled everything and everybody, but they would control even every thought, so telescreens and hidden microphones were everywhere.

The Party had three slogans


The state had three ways to change your thoughts.

Firstly, they robbed people of their natural feelings. Family, friends or love didn’t exist in Oceania. They were all comrades. People had to change their feelings into a love of Big Brother and hate for enemies, Emmanuel Goldstein and the Brotherhood.

In the past Goldstein had been as important as Big Brother, but then he had worked against the Party, and before he could be punished, he escaped.

Secondly, they changed history. Winston’s job was to re-write history. He had to change all the old newspapers, so no one could ever discover the truth. If people never knew the truth about the past, they could never discover the lies about the present.

The third way was through the language. They invented a new language called Newspeak. If people didn’t have enough words to have thoughtcrimes, they couldn’t do it.

People were punished because of their toughtcrimes and taken to the prison. They disappeared and later they were vaporized and they had never existed.

Winston worked in the Ministry of Truth, called Minitru in Newspeak.

He didn’t believe what the Party said. He couldn’t believe that two and two made five!

Secrectly he bought a diary and wrote in it FREEDOM IS THE FREEDOM TO SAY THAT TWO AND TWO MAKE FOUR.

One day, he met Julia. She was an Inner Party Member who worked in the ministry. But she didn’t believe in the Parte too and they fell in love. Winston rent a room above Mr Charrington’s shop, so they started to meet secretly there. In the room, there were no telescreen and no micophones. But there were rats! That was the most horrible thing for Winston, he hated rats. He was very frightened of it.

Winston met O’Brien.Winston was sure he was an enemy of the Party and he went to his house with Julia. O’Brien talked to Winston about Goldstein’s book and he gave it to him.

Winston and Julia promised O’Brien to obey the orders of Brotherhood without knowing why. They promised to murder innocent people, even blind a child or kill themselves if the Brotherhood ordered them to do. They had to read the book if they wanted to be a fullmember of the Brotherhood.

One night, Winston and Julia were in the room above Mr Charrington ‘s shop and they began to read the book There have always been three kinds of people in the world the high, the middle and the low. The high wanted to stay where they were, the middle wanted to change places with the high and the low would like to live in a new world where people would be equal….. Suddenly they heard a voice behind them. At this moment, the soldiers came into the room through the windows. Mr Charrington had betrayed them. He was a member of the Thought Police.

They took Julia and Winston to the prison in the Ministry of Love, called Miniluv in the Newspeak. Julia betrayed Winston inmediately.

O’Brien was a member of the Party. He tortured Winston for days and nights. A machine was connected to Winston’s head and with a thumb hidden O’Brien was asking Winston about how many fingers he was holding up. Firstly, Winston said four, but after a few days or weeks, he changed his answer, finally he said five. Winston had passed the stage of learning, it was time to begin to understand and after that, to accept.

O’Brien told him that the Party was only interested in power and they will never let it go. He wanted Winston to understand that power belonged to a group. The real power was over human mind and they got it making suffer. O’Brien told him he wasn’t better than him because he had promised to murder innocent people and even to blind a child. So Winston understood that it was true.

One night, Winston dreamt about Julia, and he called out her name. O’Brien knew that Winston was still in love with her, so he had to turn his feelings to a love only in Big Brother. He took Winston to the room 101. There was the worst thing in the world for him. Winston was tied to a chair. A box with a tube was connected to his face. There were rats in the box. When O’Brien open the tube, Winston began to cry and he shouted Not to me! Do it to Julia! Finally, he had betrayed Julia.

Time had passed and Winston was in the Chestnut Tree Café, he was alone and he was writing on the dust of the table 2+2=5. He was thinking they had managed it, they could get inside his mind. The face of Big Brother filled the telescreen. Winston looked at it and tears ran down his face. He was happy, he had won the fight with himself. He loved Big Brother. He had passed the three stages.