This is the story of an amazing boy, Charlie Bucket. Charlie’s family is extremely poor. The house has only two rooms where seven people live, and one bed where the four grandparents have been for 20 years. Freezing cold drafts blow across the floor all winter, and everyone is always hungry. Charlie loves chocolate, but the family is only able to afford one chocolate bar a year, on his birthday.

15 years ago, Willy Wonka opened the largest chocolate factory in the world but spies stole his recipes so he closed the factory. One day Mr Wonka decided to allow five children to visit the factory and one of them will win a special prize at the end. Wonka decided to hide five golden tickets inside the wrappers of five of his candy bars and whoever finds them will get a tour of the factory and a lifetime supply of candy.

The children have to find one of the five golden tickets hidden beneath the wrapping paper of five Wonka bars. So, Augustus Gloop (a German chocoholic), Veruca Salt (a spoilt English brat), Violet Beauregarde (a junior bubblegum champion), Mike Teavee (who hates chocolate and loves TV) and Charlie Bucket (a poor child but clever and sensitive) win tickets and visit the factory. The children must go to the factory allowed to take the members of their family with them to look after them.

“Accidents” happen while on the guided tour. Here, each one of them and their companions learn one lesson. For example, the greedy Augustus falls in the chocolate lake and gets accidentally sucked up and taken away to the room where they make the most delicious chocolate coated. Violet, ignoring Wonka’s advice, tries some of his three course dinner gum and swells up like a blueberry. Veruca tries to grab a squirrel and ends up falling down the garbage chute in the direction of the rotten garbage. Mike tries to use Wonka’s chocolate teleport machine and ends up shrunk to about six inches high. Charlie wins the prize – its Willy Wonka’s factory. Grandpa Joe is moved. The three go in the Great Glass Elevator through the roof, and down the roof of Charlie’s Cottage. Willy Wonka tries to convince Charlie’s family to live in the factory; at the end, they must push them inside the Elevator to go to the Factory. From this moment, they will never be starving.

Mr Wonka feels the luckiest person in the world because he now has an inheritor and he will always be in good company with this new grateful family and the loyal-midget Oompa Loompa.