My promise-Silvia

I promise I am going to visit my American cousin who is living right now in a flat in Valencia with 3 erasmus students once a week to talk to them in english. But only if there are her flatmates, because if she is alone, she laugh at me. And maybe I`ll talk to my mother in english at come, because we are at the same class.


– I’m going to watch tv and films in English.

– I’m going to read books twice a month.

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– I’m going to do writting once a month.


I promise you read a english newspapper a week (no only sports news) and try to read 3/4 books this year.

I promise to get up early althogh I arrive in hour to the clase ( If the clock ring)

Well, in this new course, I promise to inprove my English, speak everyday, 10 minutes in English, with my friend Martha Howard, she is from Washingtown DF, and she lives in the same building than I. I live in the second flour, and she lives in the sixth, so is easy for me speak with her. Also I promise do every day the homework.


I promise to go to English   conversation class twice a week from next week to the end of the course. And I’ ll also try to come to the lab once a week. But if I don’ t, please don’t kill me!

I promise to read the most important news of BBC news by Internet every day.

I promise to listen to a lot of music in English but trying to understand all the lyrics, so I hope to improve my English vocabulary. At the same time I´m going to practise the pronunciation of the words to improve the listening too.



I promise I’m going to class every day, and make homework.

I think the image isn’t correct, do you think?

I promise to learn three irregulars verbs every day then I’ll know about one hundred forty irregular verbs before Christmas