It’s about a friend who, not only is one of the people I know who really love music (actually all kinda music), but he is completely arrhythmic. He doesn’t care, since he enjoys himself a lot each time he has a chance to play with others…

[OFF: Ok, ok, ok…do you mind simply pretending as if you were playing?]

He looks like a typical fairty-tale character: Very tall and thin. And, though now he is nearing his fifties, ever since I’ve known him, he has always dressed in original and colourful clothes (matching his colourful hair –once he wore it quite reddish and his colleagues used to call him Towering Inferno). He reminds me of a sort of giant goblin. Once a little girl asked him about his age and he answered. “Uff, I’m already old!”

So she glanced up to him, “You’re at least four hundred years old, aren’t you?”

He is passionate about music, mostly ethnic and rare. This includes contemporary and experimental music. Actually, he has acquired a vast music collection throughout the years.

Once he was at home, just about to launch one of his latest acquisitions. So he decided to put an experimental music record while doing the household chores.

Oops! All is silence, he thought.

So he turned up the volume and came back to the kitchen. Shortly he was cooking when suddenly….Boom!! He heard an awesome big explosion.

The window panes of the balcony shook. He shook too!!

Swift and speedy he ran to lean over the balcony. But everything was calm and peaceful. No neighbours shaking around. Just, another sunny Sunday of Springtime.

He was going back to resume his tasks when he heard another weird noise. Finally, he realized…

He was so absorbed in himself that he didn’t even remember he was listening to music!


I’m afraid the quality of this one isn’t very good.

Each time I tried to improve the sound, it just became even more distorted.

Put on your headphones if you want to hear it!!!